Saturday, April 30, 2005

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Tzvika Dagan, so what does your bigmoneypro actually do? Maybe I'm a little skeptical, but it sure sounds like a scam. And what on earth is a "small investment"??? Quite frankly, I prefer to do things myself. Anyways, if this sight is "legitiment", email and explain to me how i'm "paid" and what the "small investment" is...(basically what am I suppose to do? other than get scammed..?)

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Google Search: robert hutchison

Google Search: robert hutchison
I'm up and running again. Yesterday I built a new computer for my parents (an amd athlon 64 processor). It's very cool, but since my parents didn't want to go over $300 only a cheap video card was put in. If you add a nice video card, add a little bit for more ram, and add windows xp 64 bit os then this computer would rock the house. After installing Norton antivirus for the computer, I decided I might as well do that to my computer. Well let me tell you! Umm...I guess Norton AV (at least 2004) and IIS do not fit like two peas in a pod. My website just stopped working, period. So trying to fool with things (because i wasn't totally sure at the time), I got frustrated and uninstalled NAV 04. And guess what? My website went back to normal, amazing eh? So the moral of the story, if your webserver stops working and you recently installed Norton antivirus, the solution is to uninstall norton, and um... scan your computer for viruses from a different computer on your network. (assuming you have tons of different computers on a working network at where ever). Argg...studying for the ACT is a pain. I've been studying for hours, and I'm still not going to do well (my goal is a 30 or above). My time is going by so fast this spring break, I got to do something more productive now...