Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Year of Moving

This has been the year of moving, but not as much traveling. So I moved all my adventure gear back to Michigan. Bought a house to shove all my junk into and I also helped about 8 other people move. 

Work has kept me busy this year with multiple clients.  My house has kept me busy with numerous projects as well.  Oh, like my shower head nearly exploding...yeah that needs to be replaced now.

This is why there have been no posts this year.  So if you want to hear stories from this past year, you're just going to have to ask or stalk my instagram

My mouse has started blinking red.  So either my mouse has decided to feel festive for Christmas or it is telling me to take it's time to go home and take a break for a few days of rest.  Just ignore that fact that a blinking red light means low battery...

In store for next year is an adventure to Nepal!

Merry Christmas