Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Copper Cat

This past weekend was a workout.  I hiked the incline with my roommate Mark and skied some semi-back country mountains with a friend Rachel.  This was the last weekend for Copper bowl being open and the cat running to Tucker Mountain.  There was a 4-6 fresh inches of snow on top of slopes that are not skied often due to the hike.  To get there, you need to take 2 lifts, ski a black diamond, take a cat ride, and then hike (in your ski boots carrying your skis) about 30 minutes.  We did the cat ride and hike three times and I think my arms and shoulder were feeling it more than my legs.  However, the runs were worth it.  Fremont Glade 4/5, The Taco, and Fremont Glade 1 all were a blast.  My favorite was Fremont Glade 4/5 because I was the one of only two people to go down that run (I mapped my run in picture below).  The last time hiking had strong winds and blowing snow reducing the visibility to a few meters.  This is probably the closest I will come to back country skiing as I have much more respect for people who climb tall peaks carrying the weight of skis (and thankfully did not need any avalanche equipment).  Enough words, here are the views.