Tuesday, November 30, 2004



Isn't that stating something? I just found that funny that google picks that up, which is really cool because that is a classic thread on my forums. What heated debate that was, which makes me feel like making another song...uh-oh (jesse is probably saying)...

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

From School to Snow

I'm so glad it was a very short week this week in school. Today seems like a friday but isn't, only wednesday. Didn't do much in english, spanish I failed a quiz (But actually remembered to do the extra credit) then afterwards made a VERY UGLY turkey that had feathers and a list of what I'm thankful for (in espa├▒ol of course). Economics we watched a movie over the telemarketers that moved over to india, why on earth do they really think those people can actually "speak" english or even answer technical questions?! They're complete idiots! Okay mabye I'm just talking from past experience, maybe one day they'll figure out how to reset the BIOS, well if they even understand what a BIOS is! Besides the point it was cold and after school it was snowing. Shoutrouw's class was funny especially when Shoutrouw tells us about his mishaps and attempts to speak spanish not thinking we would know what it means...Bla...I hate stupid drivers who CAN'T turn on their stupid lights and drive as crazy as normal! So glad it's a four day weekend though!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Long Long Day

Today was a long long day. [just got home and will start my homework after this]. I failed to some important homework and did horrible on my english quiz, and yada...Hyden and myself are starting to keep a tally everytime Rupal doesn't want to talk about a subject, that is always amusing on the ride to KAMSC. (about the only fun I get except for CS) Physics test we basically got a free 50 points because the bucks won! (So glad because I probably failed the test, well not probably, I know I did!) A guy talked to us about a bot building contest which was fun to have it take up the hour. Except now I had to head onto calc, which I hadn't finished the assignment because it was due "Tuesdayish". Well...I won't go on about that. Right after school I had to head to work and start at 2:30, and worked 'till 5:30, then took off to grab a bite and arrive at the PN auditorium for the National Honor's Society. (feel's almost like joining the KKK) It was boring and 30% of PN junior's and seniors are in it so what really makes it a honor?? Of course they had to even spell my name wrong on the certificate. Anyway, I took like 40 pictures today alone, sometime I need to post them...So glad that a four day break is coming!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Professor's Cube, the 5x5x5 Rubik's cube.

Professor's Cube, the 5x5x5 Rubik's cube.

Good Christmas gift eh? If you can't decide what to get me, a Profesor's cube will always work. Anyways onto my day (Starting at 12am): Finishing my Computer science homework and finishing up Forest Gump, the Bubba-Gump Shrimping biz. Went to bed at 2am, to get up late at 6:40 and rush out the door to get to school at 7:10am. Studied for the Spanish test which didn't go as well as I hoped (aka, missed at least 2) and did some more computer science which I still have to finish. Went though my classes, read A Doll's Play in english, took the quiz in spanish, and sat though a class of economic's which out class can't seem to figure out anything and the teacher has to keep on re-explaining everything (which is always good to have a class that there is no need to worry about). Rushing from that class to my seminar which I say hi to the teacher and leaving for KAMSC, driving rupal and hyden, flashing passes to get out of the parking lot which the monitors don't even look at anyways (you could flash a pink paper the size of the card and get though probably). Arriving at KAMSC 8 minutes before the Computer Science contest started, (it is C-Week this week where we have one 2 and half hours of a class tuesday, wed., and thurs.) started eating my lunch [consisting of bag of Cooler Ranch Doritos, Gatorade, and a kudos bar]. The contest was one Ben and Myself already did last year, which allowed ben to come in first and my team in second. (so close, 24 to 21). Staying an hour after to finish up the contest and helping eneke with physics (like i was really any help), I got to go home, sleep for 20 minutes, eat dinner, goto chuch and practice drums for sunday, then go to open lab. Worked on a few problems with Sinclair and stayed a little after for the Kamsc Student Senate (the kamsc shirts are going to be soo cool and funny). Rubik's Cube Club [rcc] is setting into place and we'll probably have t-shirts and probably also have a fundraiser for kamsc. Open lab was fun hanging with rupal, and listening to the chaotic people in the kamsc ss. Finally, I had time to go home and start my homework, well, talk to my brother for a half hour and write this blog, and will now start studying for spanish, economics, and math, (possibly physics too). Ahh...I should start, since i've been going on four hours of sleep and probably won't get much more tonight (well tomorrow morning) by the looks of it now.

Support the rcc!! (oh and stuff to do with research also to come tomorrow)...I have to go...

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Research and Lock-in

Why is it two cool (or significant) things always happen at about the same time? Anyways, it'll be long (maybe) but here are the two cool (or significant) events for the weekend.

Friday was a half-day s afterwards I went and did research with my partner Tom at BorgWarner. They already had the fan drives apart and the fluid taken out. Our mentor showed us how to work the machine that found the kinematic viscosity. Not really too hard, rather fun though. After a couple of hours or testing, we headed out and now we have to do the statistical analysis of the data. That way we'll be able to see which of the two factors affect the viscosity of the fluid. It was a great deal of driving though and that tired me out...

...Getting home from the research I ate and got stuff ready for the KAMSC Lock-in. That was some uberfun right there. Halo 2 was going to be big, 8 xboxes were going to be brought, meaning 32 people could play. Well watching them bring in some HUGE TV's to play, and the xboxes and controllers, this was going to be sweet. Sadly since Halo 2 can only hold 16 players it was broken up into 2 networks. Even though I am bad at playing Halo and Halo 2, it was fun (with extreme confusion with so many people). That's mainly what I played the whole night. Except I did play DDR a couple times, yea they had ddr there, and they had the music loud the whole time which got really annoying, especially playing Halo 2 because you could barely hear stuff. Afterwards, I walked outside with only a sweatshirt on and saw that I needed to scrap. After freezing while scrapping I could head home, to sleep for a couple of hours then go to work. The only problem was, I set my alarm clock but I forgot to turn it on. So luckily 30 minutes before I had to go to work I saw the time and rushed to work. That is about the extent of my weekend.


"Democracy isn't a utopia, but rather the closest thing a government can come to a utopia where approximately half or more of the citizens are content." -Robert 2004

Don't ask me where I came up with that idea, but I find it rather interesting and in someways correct. (But don't take my word for!)

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Busy but Good

Things have been quite busy but have been fun. Not sure where to start, well I guess I could start at hmm...Once upon a ti...on second thought: Usaco Qualification contest didn't go as well as I liked, but I think I made at least the silver division. English version of Halo 2 came out, Gotta love the french version that leaked, and the majority of people now have already beaten Halo 2 before it even came out. Quantumninja has put up more cool stuff to watch which entertains my little life. I made another techno song, inspired by the 'All your base are belong to us'. That's starting a new phenomenon at KAMSC. Adding to the new rubik's cube club (oh ya, that's going on my college resume). I also get to sleep in tomorrow (if I finish my lab) because I don't have northern. Look forward to my research testing the Friday and KAMSC lock-in.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Halo 2

I played halo 2 [or something like it I guess] and it is really sweet. Of course I was at Jeff's house, having fun watching the xbox be modded and hacked. I use hacking in the good sense of playing around learning how stuff works, nothing that would get us in barney [barney rubble...TROUBLE!]. I have been programming a great deal lately and finished castle the usaco problem, which should have been done last year it was so easy. I just had one mistake in my code that I had to fix to get my floodfill algorithm to work [arg]. Back to reading AK now.