Sunday, November 30, 2008

Air Zoo

The desire of the mouths of Hydra
to the Air Zoo with heart of a sweeting.

Biked (for probably the last time this year) to Barnes & Noble and bought Othello. This semester is itching to be done with.

"Reputation is an idle and most false
imposition: oft got without merit, and lost without
-Othello, Act 2 Scene 3

Friday, November 28, 2008

But I will wear my heart upon my sleeve

For daws to peck at: I am not what I am

Been addicted to this song recently: "Stuck in a groove" by Puretone:
"There's no doubt that I am afflicted
I'm totally obsessed
And I will admit it
Oh no, I'm not high
But I'm very much addicted to the music I like "

I have started reading Othello by Shakespeare. We will see how far I can get in the book before school starts back up. I have to hand it to Shakespeare for the clever and drawn out explanation of ideas.
Played Risk: 2210 A.D. with the typical group of gaming buddies. I attempted a new strategy of nuclear Holocaust (go for all the nuclear cards and then pull out the Armageddon card). I could have won with the strategy, but I stopped attacking 1 country short (and I had plenty of guys to continue attacking). Right before I played Armageddon, I did a mod reduction. After, my friend played like 5 nuke cards, then I played all my 10 nuke cards. I took out almost the majority of Asia, killing one player off. I completely finished off South America (because it was closed off due to the opening 8 nuked countries, yes we play with more nukes :D). The strategy works if you have a secure location to build troops, and collect cards. Playing defense until the end of the seconded to last turn allows a build up of troops, cut down the amount of troops on the board drastically of other players, then sweep through the board on the final year.

Changing topics: Thanksgiving was yesterday. Fun times, intense ping-pong, and finished with a spectacular showing of Iron Man in our amazing "theater" setup. I have a bucket for free popcorn at Celebration cinema, and since my sister loves movie popcorn, I went up to get her a bucket. Usually they don't check tickets before getting to the concession stand. However, this time there were, and I was like..."crap". I ended up going up and asking the person checking tickets if I could go get my popcorn, and they said yes! Thus my sister got to enjoy some movie popcorn. Got to love your big sisters, or else!

Cheers :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I know I know I know!

Pick me pick me pick me!

Yes? *points at young lad jumping enthusiastically*

I'm done with my project and it works!

There have been many thought provoking ideas I wanted to share this past while. Unfortunately my mind has been consumed with digital design that I don't even remember. For those who have seen/talked to me recently or moreover, just met, it probably appears that I am a single tracked insensitive person. Something along those terms at least. Maybe it's time to sleep. Sleep is a good thing. Or at least it is now.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Bode Plots

I'm sitting in class.   Going over Bode plots.  Fun.  ish.

Gmail got a facelift.  Pretty cool.  Maybe I should focus.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hate is a strong word

I hate when people assume the more work you put into a class, the more you learn. Whoever first started that notion doesn't understand the basic concept of saturation. There is a point where spending more time does not equal more knowledge. This is a fundamental problem with the way education has become. It's no longer about learning, it's about just following instructions from a professor, monkey see - monkey do. \
If you have not picked up the tone yet, I'm frustrated. I want to learn, but a professor is piling way too much work. ugh


A ride on a scramjet would be amazing.  Just throwing it out there.   I mean, how many other people have travelled faster than mach 17 or so?

And while I'm distracted from my hw (aka my mind needed a metal break) , dinner was grrrrreat last night.  I still had a bunch of hw to do, so I multi-tasked doing hw and listening to people while attempting to play games.  Ok...too much time has been allotted, time to get to class.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mensajes Enviados

Two things to waste your time with:

One. I just dominated soldering my SPDT (single pole, double throw) switch. Also, the fact that I used a different soldering iron helped a bit as well.

Two. I don't remember.

Three. I now remember two. Facebook in Spanish is amazingly helpful, in learning Spanish. Or more realistically, it's cool to see people really confused when trying to look at my facebook stuff.

Four. I want to go star gazing, but that probably will not happen until thanksgiving break.

Five. I wish I wasn't so stupid in criticizing people in high school, because they typically are the coolest people.

Yup. Those are my two things. Plus I am procrastinating a bunch of stuff for classes and probably will be on the edge of insanity once the labs, projects, and homework comes to the hard deadline.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

The plug

After 3 hours of practice Saturday night and a hour or so of playing drums, I feel that the Vater Safe 'n Sound ear plugs was a good investment. It's strange, I don't feel when I put the ear plugs in that they block much sound but yet it seems much quieter from previous weeks. Time will tell.

If I'm talented in anything, I would say that I'm talented in making situation awkward. Combine that with my lack of conversations...I guess I am just slow. I think too much and never make the most out of situations which present themselves. Leave it to me to screw things up.

Beyond those ramblings, Wednesday is going to be yet another crazy day. It will no doubt peak my frustration. Digital design labs are getting longer, thus becoming more iritating. I keep telling myself that I just need to survive until Thanksgiving. All the tests and projects are due right before that weekend (i think...). So a nice long, hopefully homework free weekend with my sister and her husband visiting from California with be greatly enjoyed.

If you read this post, I apologize.
Life goes on and on and on

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Safe N' Sound

Since I'm an engineer, things like this tend to spike my interest. I decided in the best interest of my ears to purchase some ear plugs, Vater Safe 'N Sound Ear Plugs to be more specific. I haven't tested them yet, but I was curious with the red and green filters what would be the best for my purpose. The package lists the dB reduction for the frequencies of 125,250,500,1000,2000,4000, and 8000 Hz. This is not very customer friendly. This information is better displayed in a chart (see above).

The chart indicates that there is a bias in the higher frequencies to be filtered. I'm hoping to still hear vocals. A reasonable estimate of frequency for vocals is between 100 and 1000Hz. Thus, the frequencies that are significantly reduced should not affect my ability to hear the vocals. Well, we will see.

Friday, November 07, 2008

La hermosa decepción

Horrible is today in seemingly every single way.

The digital design lab is the worst planned out lab so far and is eating up my time. It is no longer causing me to learn. School is about learning, not wasting my time with crap labs.

Beyond not finishing the lab still after 12 hours, I hung out with no one although I did not have any expectations.

Wait there is more! I can't watch the Skillet DVD because my parents are using the projector and they have guests over.

AND, I was hoping to play a little bit of disc golf with the nice weather we have been having. Nope. No disc golf and didn't even get outside.

That my friend, is the story of my life.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Señorita Bonita

Señorita Bonita,
Lo tiene todo.

So far this week (in four days), I have eaten the equivalence of 3 large pizzas. And it was good. Tomorrow ends the week thankfully, and I'm planning on finally getting to watch the skillet dvd, comatose comes alive. It's going to be amazing, and it could be even more amazing. Although, only one person would know why I state it could be even more amazing depending on the circumstances.

Stars are enjoyable. Long, extremely long, or epically long labs are not enjoyable. Weather has been nice this week, high 60s and low 70s, and I voted...and I totally did not remember the 5th of November. oh well