Monday, May 27, 2013

Kalamazoo in the Spring

Time in Kalamazoo has been great.  Family.  Friends.  Running and various bike trips, even to Assyria!  Springtime is always a pleasant sight to watch the dull winter gloom transform into abundant green life.  Also in this time I had the pleasure to watch my friend Daniel get married. 

Next week I will be participating in Cycle the Campus to support His House, an on campus ministries throughout Michigan.  Afterwards, plans are lined up to continue the road trip adventure in Colorado for the summer.
Kal-haven trail

On a tangential note, one of the new tires I purchased last month (3,000 miles ago thanks to a nail), was punctured with a small hole.  A week after I had the tire repaired, the tire obtained another leak and is now on fix #2.  So far this year I have successfully demonstrated my talent for deflating tires.  Unfortunately, this skill does not improve my resume at all.  In fact, I clearly learned the wrong skill: