Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Snow Day

Word's I love to Hear: "School is delayed 2 hours" then after getting to sleep in, "School has been cancelled". I'm really glad I didn't get up at 4 to finish my homework. Today I get to do homework, sleep, and goto work. Maybe we'll actually use our snow day's this year! Anyways I'll fill ya in on the Rubik's cube club meeting: After school, the founders ben, hanely, ryan, and myself headed on over to 4th coast. Here we discussed who will be president and such, then talked a little bit about what activities we'll do (like fundraising, rubik's cube lessons, etc..), and we started coming up with ideas for a rcc shirt. Those will be really cool. After being at 4th coast and practically choking to death, we headed over to the book store, which had some really old and cool books. Ben our president, will talk to the KAMSC Director and see if we can make this club official. I should get to my homework even though it's a snow day now....until next time.

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