Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Reflections on the last weekend

Before the evilness of school kicks into gear, I would like to reflect on this past labor day weekend.  Sunday night after church I had an amazing opportunity to see the stars under a clear sky while relaxing in a hot tub.  One, I love hot tubs.  Two, I love star gazing.  Three, I love hanging out with friends.  Actually, if you know me, you probably know I prefer hanging out with individuals instead of large groups.

Sunday night specifically I hung out with a close friend watching Aeon Flux followed by the hot tub.  My friend did most of the talking, I did most of the listening.  I feel most relaxed when I'm comfortable and listening to a friend that I don't have to worry about what they think of me.

Anyways, suffice to say, the evening was enjoyable.  After spending time with my friend, I drove by flesher field and looked at the stars some more as the weather was amazing.  I was able to finally find the Hercules constellation.  In addition, I saw a shooting star!  It was a pretty good shoot star as well.

So I don't feel like re-reading this post to see if it makes any sense, or even if the grammar is correct (I'm sure it is not correct).  There are a lot more friends I need to catch up with sometime.  If you are one of them, contact me and I'll buy you dinner or something.

Someone, sometime, something, somewhere.
Cheers to a supurb last summer weekend.

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