Sunday, November 09, 2008

The plug

After 3 hours of practice Saturday night and a hour or so of playing drums, I feel that the Vater Safe 'n Sound ear plugs was a good investment. It's strange, I don't feel when I put the ear plugs in that they block much sound but yet it seems much quieter from previous weeks. Time will tell.

If I'm talented in anything, I would say that I'm talented in making situation awkward. Combine that with my lack of conversations...I guess I am just slow. I think too much and never make the most out of situations which present themselves. Leave it to me to screw things up.

Beyond those ramblings, Wednesday is going to be yet another crazy day. It will no doubt peak my frustration. Digital design labs are getting longer, thus becoming more iritating. I keep telling myself that I just need to survive until Thanksgiving. All the tests and projects are due right before that weekend (i think...). So a nice long, hopefully homework free weekend with my sister and her husband visiting from California with be greatly enjoyed.

If you read this post, I apologize.
Life goes on and on and on

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