Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Letters of Diamonds

"Then in the long days on board ship, when the vessel, gliding on with security over the azure sea, required no care but the hand of the helmsman, thanks to the favorable winds that swelled her sails, Edmond, with a chart in his hand, became the instructor of Jacopo, as the poor Abbe Faria had been his tutor. He pointed out to him the bearings of the coast, explained to him the variations of the compass, and taught him to read in that vast book opened over our heads which they call heaven, and where God writes in azure with letters of diamonds"
- An excerpt from The Count of Monte Cristo in Ch. 22, by Alexandre Dumas

This has to be my favorite part of The Count of Monte Cristo at the moment (up to chapter 25). The section builds Dantes' character while making the bridge/comparison between the Abbe Faria with Jacopo. The conclusion paints a vivid picture of the vast sky filled with stars. I love observing the stars and I will forevermore see them as letters of diamonds.

25 chapters done, 92 to go. 2 exams down, 2 to go.

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