Sunday, January 18, 2009

25,000 miles

And I still haven't learned jack squat. (warning that i'm going to ramble the rest of the post) I feel frustrated, and the root of the frustration throws a stack overflow. Maybe the fact that I'm expressing my feelings in programming similes is one cause.
The real frustration I would take a stab at is: me.
Where do I go from here? This question gets asked sooo many ways. Like what do you plan on doing with your degree? I don't care, whatever job God gives me I will enjoy. Is that a problem not to care? I have a year and a half, Lord willing, and when that time comes THEN I can start filling out the applications.
One thing I do think would help is to deactivate my facebook account. This is something I have been wanting to do, and for a couple reason, I haven't yet.

Sufjan Stevens clearly sums up my feelings with the song Sister Winter:
"Oh my friends I've
Begun to worry right
Where I should be grateful
I should be satisfied

Oh my heart I
Would clap and dance in place
With my friends I have so
Much pleasure to embrace

But my heart is
Returned to sister winter
But my heart is
As cold as ice

Oh my thoughts I
Return to summertime
When I kissed your ankle
I kissed you through the night

All my gifts I gave everything you
Your strange imagination
You threw it all away

Now my heart is
Returned to sister winter
Now my heart is
As cold as ice

All my friends, I've
Returned to sister winter
All my friends, I
Apologise, apologise"

maybe I can get to sleep after getting my sparse thoughts down. (oh and 25,000 miles refers to how many miles i've logged on my vibe).


denaje said...

Do it! I felt so free afterwards!

Robert said...

Yup my facebook (well my main one) account has been deactivated. It's awesome.