Monday, March 23, 2009

How Oakley lost my order

I was extremely excited to order a new pair of Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ Grey Smoke/Slate Iridium (03-922). I placed my order online on March 7, 2009. The item said it was backordered and stated it usually ships in 5-7 days. I waited, waited, and waited.

Finally, March 23, 2009 I call up Oakley to inquire about my order. They confirmed my order was still on backorder. The person explained that they get orders in on Thursdays. Each back order gets tagged a priority, so if 50 are received, then the first 50 orders would be fulfilled.

The person didn't really indicate how likely it was for my order to arrive this week, only that I should call Friday, and if it was not shipped then I could cancel. In other words, I told them to cancel my order now because I don't have time to keep calling them. They graciously cancelled my order.

There are 2 reasons why I feel it was a good choice to cancel my order:
1. Most companies would be head over heels to complete the order of a customer when the cash is at hand. So I thought, but obviously not for Oakley. My order made it through 2 ordering/shipment cycles and still was not fulfilled. Thus, if Oakley is unable to even complete my order when I am giving them money, how much quicker do you think Oakley will be I run into any problem with my sunglasses under warranty? Strike 1
2. Oakley quoted 5-7 days for the back order, it has been 11 BUSINESS days. Oakley claims 5-7 days for custom sunglasses. I ordered one of Oakley's normal selection of styles, not a custom one. Strike 2
3. It didn't sound like they wanted my order anyways. Strike 3

Oakley totally disappointed me.

(and if you're from Oakley I wouldn't mind you guys trying to change my bad experience into a good one, so post a comment) Until then, goodbye Oakley.

I wouldn't mind hearing if anyone else experienced or is experiencing the same issue with Oakley (or if I am the only case).

Hope this helps anyone looking for a review about Oakley sunglasses.

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