Wednesday, June 30, 2010

From a Zoo to the Sea

This conversation pretty much sums up the list of things I did on my drive out west.

Me: started in kzoo
: first stop in gary
: then outside of chicago for giordanos pizza
: then drove through the bad lands in south dakota
: mount rushmore
: drove through a bit of wyoming
: past lake flathead which was pretty neat
: to glacier
: did some driving and hiking in glacier national park
: (northern montana)
: saw a drunk driver ejected from their car while driving the back roads of montana
: drove to seattle
Friend: wow
Me: saw the space needle, pikes fish market
: downtown seattle
: then a seattle sounders game
: (soccer)
: went on a picnic
: in bellingham
: played some darts
: took a train from bellingham to seattle
: saw an aircraft carrier, which was awesome
Friend: sweetness
Me: went bowling
: horse back riding
: went go carting, with go carts that actually went fast
: you actually had to use the brake
: halo lan party
: went to a wedding
: flew back
: played some ultimate friz. then drove to auburn hills for work the next day
: i think that's about all
: after the key west trip that is
Friend: awesome
Me: oh and I forgot to mention wall drug

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