Thursday, January 31, 2013

Elkton and Debary, FL

This last weekend consisted of two disc golf courses and around 68 holes.

Moccasin Creek - Saturday afternoon started fairly slow and I was the only one on the course to start.  After a few holes of the 25, I meet David and played around with him.  He was surprised that I was carrying a Bible.  Finishing that game, Andrew and Levi pulled up and played a partial round with them. 

The previous day I was at the bookstore and finally found a small ESV Bible that fits into my back pocket.  I have been looking for one of these since last year when I gave the Bible I usually carry on the disc golf course away.

River City Nature Park - After church Sunday, I continued on towards Orlando to play River City.  I joined a group that was getting ready to start.  Among the group were Randall, Eric, Jeff, John and his wife.  Randall mentioned heaven and when asked about it he quoted Proverbs 3:5-6.  Eric up to this point seemed somewhat hesitant to have let me  join, but after talking with Randall I asked him what he believed.  Somewhat surprised at his answer as he responded "open".  At the end of the round, I gave him one of the knowing God booklets and my champion blizzard boss disc as a reminder.

Here are a couple of quick snapshots from my phone of the park.  The weather as you can see has been great and God continues to surprise me in meeting people to play disc golf.

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