Saturday, March 09, 2013

From St. Augustine to Heteroscedasticity

Here come the variety post of my life in the past week or so...

Randomly drove Nathan to Walmart.   This past week was "cold" for Florida, and a bit rainy too so it seemed like the right thing to do.

Saturday I went for a drive north towards St. Augustine.  The wind was so strong it made the photos blurry.  Either that or the slightly collected dust amidst the edges of the lens in addition to an unsteady hand was the culprit of the blur.  Relax with the following images or visit a history lesson on the area.


Saturday was followed by an early morning drive to First Baptist Orlando.  Sunday was a blessing with the opportunity to see a friendly smiling face from home, Matt W!  Alas, afternoon came and time to head to the disc golf course.  This time there was no tournament at the Gordon Barnett Park. David and Matt were my guides through the course and had some good tips.  David's personality reminded me of Ken back in Schoolcraft.  His views on life is that it is out there.  It's all around, to be enjoyed, experienced, and so on.  As to what David meant, I am still in part perplexed.  After a long 14 hour day and numb fingers a drive back to Palm Coast was in order.

I have also added a few new vocab terms thanks to the data analysis course I am auditing.  Namely: curvilinear and heteroscedasticity.  The course lectures do make great use of various xkcd comics as well keeping the course interesting.  It is always good to know that green jelly beans are linked to acne.  Anyone see the news on more laws linked to reduced violent deaths? Yeah...the research did not show that, but I'm sure it sold the ads.

To continue on with the variety, here are some pictures from the Clearwater/Dunedin area from the other week.

Lastly, my lunch break:
Here comes bike week...

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