Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Lynchburg, VA

So Lynchburg greeted me with snow.  Thankfully I only forgot to pack shorts on this trip and not the winter coat, gloves, and hat.  The weather did warm up and melt the snow leaving me to walk about Liberty University which is nestled in the valley between the mountains.

The place I was staying had a hot tub and serendipitously I finally found my swimsuit.  So in the evenings I was able to relax in the soothing heat or was able to spend some time with my friend Jason (the primary reason for going through Lynchburg).  I had a chance to talk about God, religion, and beliefs with Ron from Orlando who was in town for his daughter's wedding. 

Midway through the week I went for a run at Peaks View Park and to my surprise the park had a disc golf course.  The course looked enjoyable with a mix of elevation, woods, and open fairways.  Due to the lack of people to join, I continued on with a hilly 4 mile run (in addition to some fatiguing hill sprints at the end).

Friday, Jason and Heather gave me the grand tour of Liberty University, Doc's Diner, the Texas Inn, and a delicious shake from Cook Out.  Apparently so grand I had to stay in bed all day Saturday (except to purchase the helpful NSAID).  Leave it to me to get sick the day before I plan on driving back to Michigan. 

Thankfully I was feeling well enough from 24 hours of sleep and the ibuprofen to enjoy the twelve hour drive.  The drive through the Appalachians- the James River Face Wilderness, the George Washington National Forest, was phenomenal with no traffic and astounding views of the foggy valleys, mountains, and forests!

West Virginia

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