Monday, June 03, 2013

Midland and South Haven, Pure Michigan

As I write these words, the smell of campfire smoke still lingers.  It is the distinct smell easily associated with s'mores.  This past weekend was Pure Michigan at its finest.  Driving the country roads, cycling the rail-trails, watching the glow of a campfire with a painted sunset over Lake Michigan culminates the essence of Michigan.  All of which words do little justice and pictures only offer a glimpse.

Cycle the Campus was a great trip with delightful biking weather in Midland, MI.  The day consisted of 7 hours driving and about 6 hours of biking.  David and I spent about 2.5 hours for 35 of the miles and then rode with Johnson to the finish line.  I have snagged the following partial group picture of the WMU clan.  Notice this is before due to my lack of sunburn.

Cycle the Campus - WMU

Pere Marquette Rail-Trail - Midland, MI

The following day the journey continued to South Haven to visit my parents who were camping.  As is typical for Michigan, the weather went from 80s the prior day to the 50s.  The cold weather does seem to bring out the blue of Lake Michigan.  With that, the weekend concluded with a drive home.

South Haven Pier

South Haven Light House

The next stop, Colorado!

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