Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Packed May 2014

Summer has finally arrived in full swing as I stare out the window filled with sunlight at the Steam Espresso Bar in Denver.  I have not updated this blog with some of my most recent adventures... so while I wait in this 95 degree heat to pick up a second friend from the airport- I will write some of my thoughts down and post more pictures in a later post.

Cycling USAFA
In preparation for biking up Pikes Peak, my roommate recommended biking around the USAFA campus.  Yes there are hills on that loop.  Not many, but that is because it's mainly one long ascension.

Katie's Birthday
Following weekend was hanging out at Fox Run park and attempting to not break my foot again.  We also played a new (to me) game, Wise and Otherwise.

The Thunderbirds had their yearly a demonstration for the USAFA graduation ceremony (presuming they have the budget).  This made a great lunch time treat especially with the Top Gun sound track playing in the background.

Memorial Weekend Backpacking
Amazing hiking weather.  Heavy pack. Plus extra weight in food in my pack from two people in the group meeting up later.  Hailed as we setup camp.  Remained raining for the rest of the evening as temperatures dropped (in addition to the 11,000ft in elevation that we stopped at).  We called the trip a day short since the next morning it briefly hailed and looked like there was only a few hour window before steady rain showers continued.

Cycling Pikes Peak
13 intense miles over a mile in elevation gain with a total of 26 miles round trip for Cycle The Campus.  This event is usually in Midland MI, however since I was in Colorado why not bike Pikes Peak?  Turns out I was definitely not prepared as I hoped.  My legs held out to the tree line fairly well, however the switch backs and crosswinds on the devil's playground were a killer.

More pictures to come!

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