Friday, September 24, 2004


Denaje put's it semi-decent:
"Yesterday and the day before, we took a 30 point quiz in Physics, with the beloved Mr. Sinclair. Today we got those quizzes back. They sucked. That's a story in and of itself, but the bigger story goes on. Today, as we walked into Physics (I had Physics first, lucky me), Mr. Sinclair started passing back the quizzes, saying nothing at all. Then after a few minutes of us looking at the questions and admiring at how poorly we had done, he started talking. No, he didn't talk. He didn't even yell. He screamed. I swear it, he screamed literally at the top of his lungs. For at least 10 to 15 minutes. That's all he did, was scream in our faces about how we know nothing about physics at all, how we are so stupid and how we did not study and these kinds of grades are not acceptable. The first few seconds, I was in shock, then I realized what was going on. I tried not to be noticable. And he screamed again. Loudly. He screamed so loudly, people from down two halls heard him. After he was done screaming and slamming papers in frustration on his desk, he got so tired that he started yelling. He did this for about another 10 minutes, when he sent Ben and Melissa out for getting such relatively "good" grades. He basically said, "Get out!, while I scream at the rest of these idiots some more." So they did, and he did too. He didn't scream though, he kept up his yelling. Then he quieted down to an elevated, frustrated half-yell, as he explained most of the problems on the quiz to us, telling us that we are the stupidest, lasiest idiots that he has seen in 17 years. True or not, it was quite apparent that he was really really mad. During his discourse, he said these exact words to us: "I am a nice guy." " (denaje,

I wasn't in total shock though, I was frustrated myself and had a great deal on my hands this weekend to study. I do agree with the statement "I am a nice guy". Though he may be frustrating, he teaches quite well and I will learn a great deal from him. I already had him so his character isn't much of a suprise as some would find it.

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