Monday, October 18, 2004

Overall Busimess

Well well, what do we have...homework, work, then more homework, school, (oh wait a little bit of sleep), then the cycle repeats it's self of course. Took the PSAT Saturday, which was soo dumb, their "harder" math section was ridiculously easy, and I'll be very upset if I don't ace it. However the reading and writing was so crazy and made no sense, that I think I failed miserably on that part. Anna Karenina, is an interesting book if you count out all the boring pages (okay so a lot of it is kinda boring). AK is over half-way done luckily. Don't think I could live without techno. I do have to say God has been so good to me lately that things have been going well despite the busy and messy schedule...times ticking away.

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