Tuesday, October 26, 2004

School Projects

I think all I ever really talk about is school. It is really sad. Anyhow, I haven't really said much about what's been going on in my life except busy busy busy. I have started the research stuff and meeting my mentors (my dad and another from North Carolina) which will hopefully be interesting and not extremely difficult. Physics is always interesting when we learn Mr. Sinclairs random, but always fun and interesting facts. Recieve 25/25 on my last lab report and have another to turn in soon. Not looking forward to getting this last test back because I studied really hard but I guess not the right things. This extremely frustrated me, but next time will be better (hoping at least). Although on my math quiz I got 100% which I was extremely suprised becuase I was doubtful on a bunch of the answers, but never the less pleased because that bumped me up to an A in calc. Computer science is a unique class to say the least, but it is always fun. On to some Northern stuff...I totally bombed the quiz in English we took because I could not organize my stupid thoughts when writing the essay quiz. Economics is just lame because we sit there discussing things like whether or not we should raise minimum wage (which gets boring really quickly). Although we are making brochures and I used some of the pictures I randomly take to put on the cover and such because I'm doing mine on education. (what a coincedence!) I'm still working on the college paper though. I really do need to get doing homework. (sorry for every single thing on this post being about school).

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