Saturday, May 03, 2008

Packing Jenny Craig

Well, 2 days before my expected departure of my long talked about bike trip. I have nearly all my supplies to my knowledge (minus a few misc items that are not required).

Initially and currently I have the panniers categorized into:
Front [16lb]
p:Tools/First Aid - 8.5lb
r:Sleeping bag - 2.5
p:Camping/Cooking supplies - 5lb

Rear [16lb]
p:Clothes - 7.5lb
r:Tent/Sleeping pad - 5lb
p:Food - ?~3.5lb

note: p-in pannier, r-on rack

My goal was to keep the gear weight below 50lb (Thus total weight bearing on the bike less than 175lb). So far it looks very promising that I may even beat that goal!

I decided that I will be going through the book of Romans and Proverbs on my bike trip.

List of supplies remaining (that comes to mind right now):
-biking shorts
-mouth guard

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