Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Short bike ride

This pasted weekend I helped out with a friends high school graduation party. I was the chef "master". My duty was to cook the burger and hot dogs. After all is said and done, 40 burgers were cooked and some number of hot dogs were cooked. Left overs, 40 burgers and 2 hot dogs. Very well executed in my book only requiring a few people to wait for their burgers. Yet another event I can add to my cooking resume for large groups (along with the times I've cooked for BG and family cookouts).

Memorial day my family went to a Kalamazoo Kings baseball game, and the Kings won.

Project paint the dell laptop, has turned out so so (kinda bad) with just rattle cans. So instead of using spray paint, I found out a good friend from church has the equipment to paint it professionally. He is an amazing guy to say the least!

Next subject biking: The short route today, 45 minutes, 9 miles (biking on center was kinda crazy)

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