Friday, June 27, 2008

Disc Golf

Yes, disc golf is basically the poor mans version of real golf. I enjoy disc golf because it's more a social sport than a competitive sport. Yesterday at Knollwood, looking for my disc (as my throws typically take amazing routes into the woods) I found a disc. Out of the number of discs I have lost and found, I am currently up 1 disc. I lost my first disc, a Millennium Polaris LS, at the Oshtemo course. Second disc I lost, I don't remember what disc it was (other than clear with a red/yellow rim), but I was up at MSU playing with some friends in 32 degree F weather, and I threw it right over my friends shoulder and then right into a river. We ended up stopping there because the course had soo many water holes it wasn't even funny.

Anyways, disc golf. Fun. You should play. If you don't have a disc, call me and you can play with some of mine. Post over.

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