Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Golden Paint Job

Since I didn't work today, I got the itch to put the final piece of my laptop back together. I gave the computer a boot up with hope that it still works. It gave a warning beep with a message like Invalid System Configuration. That made me a bit nervous until I read below, System timer not set. The service manual said to remove the system timer, thus the system timer had been off the mobo for 2 and a half weeks.

I restarted the computer after the timer set, and it booted up to Windows XP. So far everything seems to be working! The color is so amazing with its color and mirror finish. The color and mirror finish makes it nearly impossible to get a decent picture of the quality and beauty.

With my laptop up and running, I can start working on setting up the online Blue Moon Basement Broadcast radio station. For those of you who missed it last summer, it's a weekly hour radio show hosted by Dj Fortron and Dmac featuring local Kalamazoo artists. Last year's flier is below:

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