Sunday, August 24, 2008

Friday: Work summer retreat. Things I learned: [1] People at my work are amazing. [2] I can't think on my feet, or sitting.

I think so much, that I find it hard to explain my thoughts through the limit of tongue and mouth. Do I have mental issues? Probably.

So after the work summer retreat, I went to Robert Morris park to play disc golf. For old times sake, and because I had a bit of time on my hands, I parked at the nature trail and walked 20 minutes to the park. My legs were still tired from a 5k that I ran in 27 minutes the previous night.

The disc golfing: First 9 holes I played by myself, I was able to kinda follow where the holes kinda went. One hole, my disc landed under a small pine tree. As I reached for the disc, I saw a small snake, which took me by surprise. I'm pretty sure it was just a garter snake, but I'm not a snake expert. Anyways, I got my disc and the snake did not cause any problems. Second 9 holes I ran into Zak a fellow kamsc classmate. He recognized me before I recognized him. He and his 2 friends let me play along. They are far better at disc golf than me, plus they had to help me find my disc multiple times. Thanks, I am very grateful. The tall grass of a large open field is difficult to find a disc as well as the tall grass irritating the skin.

A 20 minute walk back to my car and a ride home. Saturday, I decided to pick up a putter, the innova polecat (which I'm officially calling the purty pink polecat putter). My parents purchased it for my birthday along with the drum sticks that I received early.

Glad the Olympics are over and that it's a clear night for star gazing!

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