Thursday, August 28, 2008

My version of a literary review

Not of books. Of movies. Because a good movie done right is far better and descriptive than a book.

AeonFlux - 2005

Find the truth. Don't follow an ideal blindly or based on prejudice. Classic Sci-fi style of a movie, definitely well composed visually. The story remains simple and easy to follow as the movie explains the setting and story. The movie brings up a valid point of cloning, what will cloning do to one's mind? Thumbs up.

(Did I mention that I watched all of Firefly in 2 or 3 days?! Ya when I watch something, I watch it all)

The Prestige - 2007

Well done. A bit jumpy and unclear in the timeline. The movie required a second watching for me to completely put the sequence of events and location in order. Spoiler Warning: The first time I watched the movie I was unsure whether or not Tesla actually built a device that duplicated an object while also transporting the object, or if Tesla used the hats and cat to further convince and con Robert Angier. The answer is clearly evident at the end of the movie. I'm unsure if the director was seeking to have this question raised in a viewer's mind. It could be that I am just an engineer and if I am not mistaken, Tesla was more interested in research of transmitting electricity/power in replace of objects. The more I think about the ending, the more disturbing the plot appears. Thumbs up.

Both movies watched twice, and for once, I returned the items on time to the library.

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