Wednesday, July 01, 2009


A little bit of fun in the sun never hurt anyone. And frankly I enjoyed Hawaii very much so. In many ways Hawaii is the most diversely amazing location I have ever visited. In contrast, Hawaii took me by surprise as it was far different than I had imagined.
The temperature was warm, never cold or overbearingly hot. In fact, the weather gave me a mellow mood. According to some locals, Kona usually isn't as cloudy as the week was when I visited. The rainy season and the wind blowing the volcanic-fog (vog) over Kona kept the sun hidden a good amount of the time.
The beaches on Big Island are not what I perceive as a beach. When one says, walk on the beach, I think: walk on sand. Most of the beaches were composed of volcanic rocks and little sand. There was a bit of sand to layout on, but rocks are present the moment you get to the edge of the water.

Anyways, the fun stuff that I did included: running, kayaking, snorkeling at Cpt. Cook's monument, eating out on the ocean front, hiking mauna kea, luau, more snorkeling, volcano national park (lava tubes, seeing the smoke from the current erupting volcano, and more scenic views from black lava to rain forests), coffee farm tour, catamaran sunset sail, and probably other stuff I am forgetting but will fill in later. I made it into the hot tub every single day in Hawaii.

Back in California, before the flight to Hawaii, I walked around downtown disney. Ate at the Cheesecake Factory, and walked around a California mall (much more enjoyable than a Michigan mall). Went to Gremban's wedding located at a vineyard which was stunning!
After Hawaii, I relaxed at the pool and hot tub. In the evening I went to an Angles vs. Rockies baseball game with Kevin.

Side note: I slept on the couch every single night of the vacation except for the last night which I was only in the hotel for 6 hours anyways. All my stuff was packed into a carry on and a backpack.

That's all folks, cheers!

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