Friday, July 31, 2009

How to treat a customer

Since I've been coming down with a cold, I've increased my consumption of food. Whoo hooo...anyways, I went to Arby's yesterday with my coupon for a meal (sandwich, fries, and drink). The picture has a beef n' cheddar, which is what I always get (unless it's a deal for a plain beef sandwich and then I buy some cheese to add). In my distraction with the tap your credit card feature, I didn't fully say what sandwich I wanted. At my seat, it was not a beef n' cheddar :(

So, when there wasn't a line I went up to the counter and said I had meant to order a beef n' cheddar. My receipt did say regular roast beef, so I was trying not to get my hopes up that they would fix my situation (as you may know, they are sticklers to coupons/deals). The manager was about to go get me an entire new sandwich until he realized I just wanted some cheese. He was even more happy to oblige with that. He came back with the cheese in a container and the red sauce. :)

This left me perplexed, red sauce. I always thought it was Arby's sauce that was on beef n' cheddars. Come to find out, yes, there is the difference between Arby's sauce and the sauce on a beef n' cheddar. After all these years I never knew...and I always thought somehow it was the change in bun that made it taste different.

Back to my point, awesome customer service. I had a problem, even my mistake not double checking the items on my receipt (cost was the same), and the manager (at Arby's) was willing to fix it. With a smile.

This is in contrast to Qdobas refusing to credit my free student drink earlier this summer, without apologizing, and an overall rude tone (in my humble opinion). That is why Arby's will be getting more $$$ and Qdobas will not. Customer service. Learn it or weep.

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denaje said...

Amen. The more I "grow up", the more I pay attention to customer service, and the places with the best get more attention from me.