Sunday, July 22, 2012

Neutrino Carabiner

Last Friday I picked up two more carabiners from Climb Kalamazoo on my bike ride to Plainwell Ice Cream (French Silk = Amazing).  The two old ones are the silver Black Diamond carabiners in the picture below.  The new ones, Black Diamond Neutrino, are absolutely fabulous.  They are lighter, support more force, and easier to attach to the rappel rings.  I have been playing around with a new way to hang my hammock using one carabiner and one rap ring on each side (versus one carabiner and two rap rings).  In terms of knots, the bottom carabiner in the picture shows a clove hitch + a half hitch.  The top carabiner shows a double figure of eight knot, however it's not fully pulled through allowing for a quick release of the knot and inability of the knot coming undone.

The next couple days I will spend my evenings getting some final biking in before the Mackinaw adventure (3 days, 300 miles) with my friend Kevin L.  Three words to sum up my thoughts of this trip: I am excited.  Time with family, fellowship with Kevin, biking, sleeping in a hammock, and a bit of a break from work is the basic idea :) 

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