Sunday, July 15, 2012

Road Trip America: Disc Golf Perspective

The PDGA course directory has always been a go-to site for me when visiting a new city because the site contains a fairly comprehensive list courses.  Disc golf is always a fun, cheap, and non-touristy way to experience the new city.  Take a look at the current snapshot of courses:

One of my ambitions for this trip is to share God's truth.  This ambition gives a new perspective to the course directory.  No longer is the directory a list of places to play disc golf, they are new mission fields: a course of locals enjoying God's creation but who may not know the creator.  The track I plan on using for the trip (and just ordered 100 of) is:

From my experience from around Kalamazoo, two specific requests to pray for are:
-Extremely busy courses
-Groups of three

In general, start praying for the people I will be interacting with while playing disc golf.

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