Thursday, July 04, 2013

Boundless, Red Rocks, and Liberty

Some of the remaining pictures that I have not posted.  Like the visit to Focus on the Family where we got a tour from the Boundless crew.

Also the visit to the Red Rock Amphitheatre where I had conform and run all the steps like the locals.

With overlooks of Denver I can easily see why this is an astounding venue.

Another find Rob picture!
Most importantly is this worker who worked so hard he turned into a statue.

On the way back to the car Kevin was giving me a hard time about taking random pictures like these, and I can't imagine why...

Lastly, some vacation long ago, some how, some reason, I don't know why, my brother took some pictures of the various portable bathrooms.  At any rate, in honor to continue a fine collection of portable bathroom pictures, here is another.

Liberty.  So on that patriotic note, have a great the fourth of July!

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