Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mt. Rosa

Last weekend was July 4th.  Around Michigan there always seems to be some fireworks going off somewhere for seemingly weekend on end.  The most amazing firework show is usually the fireworks over Lake Michigan in South Haven after a wonderful sunset.  How can you not go wrong with smiley face fireworks?

This year in Colorado Springs it was a different feel since the only fireworks were over Prospect Lake in Memorial Park.  Wow.  The grand finale part was jaw dropping.  The entire sky was filled with the white sparkles as if all the stars decided to shine brightly. 

Overall it was a great night with friends, especially trying to leave with all the traffic.  However we were successful in making it to Josh and John's ice cream before they closed.

Saturday, with my foot feeling a bit better, Mathew invited me on an easy hike of Mt. Rosa.  There was a 1.5 mile high clearance 4WD road to get to the start of the trail.  No kidding either, it was a legit off road that a vehicle without the clearance could not physically get anywhere.  James the Jeep was qualified although extremely bumpy due to the rocks (video to come).  Here's some evidence that I did make it to the top with my broken foot, maybe or maybe not the best idea though.

Other than having to replace my tire due to the low tire pressure, again...things have been going well but slow as my foot continues to heal. 

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