Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rain, Hail, and Snow

On the first day of fall snow falls upon the peaks of pikes peak.

Fortunately my foot is to a point where I can start exercising.  Unfortunately the busy season for disc golf is slowing down.  This past weekend on the last day of summer I played a full round of disc golf, minus the holes that were flooded from the rain, at Cottonwood park.  There was only one guy that would have been a perfect opportunity to join except he was talking on the phone and indicated to me to play through.

As you may have heard about all the rain in Colorado, flooding has been a major issue.  Twice I had the experience of driving through the heavy rain where even my wipers could not keep up and it felt like you were driving through a lake.  For example, the following bridge was in excellent condition before the rains.

Despite the rain, this past week has been great.  It feels great to be able to exercise once again!  Until next time, enjoy the following snapshots.



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