Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Widefield and the Bizarre

The past two weeks have been somewhere between bizarre and surreal.

While playing disc golf at Widefield Park I met Jeff and Alex.  Jeff explained that he was a pantheist, that everything is god. 

My car gave me (yet another) warning of low tire pressure on my way to the Denver SQL Saturday.  Thankfully I was able to inflate the correct tire for the drive home.

After a few days while getting a new tire pressure gauge for my car I helped out Daniel and Colleen.  Trying to help them trade their car battery at Walmart made the evening extremely bizarre.  From this evening I was extremely tired and came down with a small cold.

Finally, more on the sane side an unfortunate soul, Greg, had his car break down at the top of Independence Pass.  He had been on a road trip for the last month and just arrived in Colorado to climb some mountains.  There was no signal at the top of the pass so I gave him a ride down to Twin Lakes, CO where he could get reception on his cellphone. 

More to come on my trip to Aspen.

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