Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mt. Herman and Monarch

Friday evening a couple friends and I did a night hike up Mt. Herman.  After the hike, drama ensued with some other friends due to miscommunication.  Between hanging out at Cracker Barrel and watching the first episode of the Walking Dead (not a huge fan) I stayed up way too late and decided to delay going to Monarch (which was getting feet upon feet of snow over the weekend).

After a few days of sleep, severe winter advisories, avalanche warnings, and over 70 inches of snow... the roads were open (for my little car) to drive to Monarch.  Some things that I have never seen before:

  1. A horse on the loose with animal control trying to catch it.
  2. On the drive, the temperatures ranged from -23 F to 37 F. This was after jokingly thinking the night before "but what if it's colder than -20 F?" about the windshield fluid I purchased which was rated/boasted at -20 F.
  3. While skiing, two Osprey cruised by overhead.  They are an impressive aircraft.
So much fresh snow!  Monarch was a blast to ski even though there were really only three two-person lifts (although it was not busy at all).  The most intense run of the day was High Anxiety which was a steep with large (thankfully soft) moguls.  My legs were tired after all the moguls, powder, and steeps so I enjoyed the drive home not having to go through Denver for a change and geared up for the coming weekend ski trip.

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