Wednesday, March 05, 2014

President's Weekend Ski Trip 2014

My schedule has been packed full the past few weeks after the President's weekend ski trip to Winter Park with a bunch of friends.  The ski weekend was a great experience and we stayed in an amazing cabin.  That is if you ignore getting the car stuck twice in the snow.  I do have to admit guilt for the first time due to giving unclear navigation.

Saturday the majority of lifts were not running due to high winds (100mph+ at the top of the mountain) and caused long lines.  Even so, there was enough skiing over the weekend.

I  have a new respect for those who hike a mountain with equipment to ski down.  Sunday a couple of us skied down the hill beside the cabin.  With the waist deep snow we did a couple jumps off a stack of logs.  After two short runs and hiking back up I was exhausted.

Between the deep snow, beautiful cabin, and the expressions of friends here are some of the pictures from the trip.

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