Sunday, March 16, 2014

Snowstorms and Fog

The past couple of weekends I have been able to go skiing at Monarch during the snow storm, Winter Park after the snow storm, and Copper during another on/off snowstorm.

For the trip to Monarch, leaving Colorado Springs there was an dense layer of fog over the city the entire day and upon returning the view was astounding.  I also discovered that the Donut Mill has the LARGEST cinnamon rolls I have ever seen.  Here's some pictures with Tony, Katie, and Couloir of the great snow and complete whiteout on the ridges.  Favorite run of the day: AJAX, but there was some great snow on Short'n'Sweet as well.

I had another opportunity to ski at Winter Park with Jeff and Brandon and was able to ski a bunch of new Mary Jane runs I had not yet explored.  The day concluded with Hacienda Colorado.  Favorite run of the day: Outhouse, a bit of powder and trees at top with decent run of moguls.

After taking a weekend to relax, I got up extra early (4am) on a Saturday to beat the rush (and the off/on snowstorm) to ski Copper.  I skied most of the mountain I had not yet been to, in particular Resolution and Spaulding bowls.  Still waiting for the chance to ski the Nacho with the free CAT ride, but we'll see if that happens.  Halfway through the day I ran into Nathan and Rachel and skied Copper bowl.  Favorite run of the day: Six Shooter (Copper bowl), however the couple runs in Spaulding bowl where some fun steeps.

Throw in some movie nights with friends, a new bike, and getting a bed it has been some busy weeks.  This coming weekend is Steamboat and I'm hoping for some continued great snow!  Here's to watching big toys...

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