Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Long Long Day

Today was a long long day. [just got home and will start my homework after this]. I failed to some important homework and did horrible on my english quiz, and yada...Hyden and myself are starting to keep a tally everytime Rupal doesn't want to talk about a subject, that is always amusing on the ride to KAMSC. (about the only fun I get except for CS) Physics test we basically got a free 50 points because the bucks won! (So glad because I probably failed the test, well not probably, I know I did!) A guy talked to us about a bot building contest which was fun to have it take up the hour. Except now I had to head onto calc, which I hadn't finished the assignment because it was due "Tuesdayish". Well...I won't go on about that. Right after school I had to head to work and start at 2:30, and worked 'till 5:30, then took off to grab a bite and arrive at the PN auditorium for the National Honor's Society. (feel's almost like joining the KKK) It was boring and 30% of PN junior's and seniors are in it so what really makes it a honor?? Of course they had to even spell my name wrong on the certificate. Anyway, I took like 40 pictures today alone, sometime I need to post them...So glad that a four day break is coming!!!

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