Sunday, November 14, 2004

Research and Lock-in

Why is it two cool (or significant) things always happen at about the same time? Anyways, it'll be long (maybe) but here are the two cool (or significant) events for the weekend.

Friday was a half-day s afterwards I went and did research with my partner Tom at BorgWarner. They already had the fan drives apart and the fluid taken out. Our mentor showed us how to work the machine that found the kinematic viscosity. Not really too hard, rather fun though. After a couple of hours or testing, we headed out and now we have to do the statistical analysis of the data. That way we'll be able to see which of the two factors affect the viscosity of the fluid. It was a great deal of driving though and that tired me out...

...Getting home from the research I ate and got stuff ready for the KAMSC Lock-in. That was some uberfun right there. Halo 2 was going to be big, 8 xboxes were going to be brought, meaning 32 people could play. Well watching them bring in some HUGE TV's to play, and the xboxes and controllers, this was going to be sweet. Sadly since Halo 2 can only hold 16 players it was broken up into 2 networks. Even though I am bad at playing Halo and Halo 2, it was fun (with extreme confusion with so many people). That's mainly what I played the whole night. Except I did play DDR a couple times, yea they had ddr there, and they had the music loud the whole time which got really annoying, especially playing Halo 2 because you could barely hear stuff. Afterwards, I walked outside with only a sweatshirt on and saw that I needed to scrap. After freezing while scrapping I could head home, to sleep for a couple of hours then go to work. The only problem was, I set my alarm clock but I forgot to turn it on. So luckily 30 minutes before I had to go to work I saw the time and rushed to work. That is about the extent of my weekend.

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