Wednesday, November 24, 2004

From School to Snow

I'm so glad it was a very short week this week in school. Today seems like a friday but isn't, only wednesday. Didn't do much in english, spanish I failed a quiz (But actually remembered to do the extra credit) then afterwards made a VERY UGLY turkey that had feathers and a list of what I'm thankful for (in espaƱol of course). Economics we watched a movie over the telemarketers that moved over to india, why on earth do they really think those people can actually "speak" english or even answer technical questions?! They're complete idiots! Okay mabye I'm just talking from past experience, maybe one day they'll figure out how to reset the BIOS, well if they even understand what a BIOS is! Besides the point it was cold and after school it was snowing. Shoutrouw's class was funny especially when Shoutrouw tells us about his mishaps and attempts to speak spanish not thinking we would know what it means...Bla...I hate stupid drivers who CAN'T turn on their stupid lights and drive as crazy as normal! So glad it's a four day weekend though!

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