Friday, February 18, 2005

Routers, Charter, and the Repair

From one thing to another I have to fix. The moment I fix one computer problem in my household, there seems to computer problem I have to fix. From fixing the network card on the upstairs computer, to the internet (basically problems with charter period), and then witht the router that I got yesterday. The gigafast router replaced the D-link router, although it doesn't have a printserver on it, so I have to figure out how to get the printer to work on an ip. Also, the gigafast router doesn't allow me to go to my own website, but somehow it works for everone else (what on earth??) I also have some stuff to fix on my laptop (argg). Basically, I have enough to keep me busy for 'till who knows when. School went by so quick this week. Monday I missed Northern because charter came to setup the router for the static ip (and I guess they took away my 3 dynamic). Luckily they didn't mess anything up too badly. I finished all my math a day early because I thought it was due thursday not friday. There was a ComCon on Wednesday, and I was bascially the only one programming and I pulled off 2 programs (well it was technically drew and myself, but I had to type up and help debug drew's program that it was basically the same amount of time as if I had of programmed it). Jon K. which helped out for about 10 minutes or something like that. Anyways, drew even left early and it basically left me to the contest. It wasn't that bad, since we (or kinda I) were second, since Ben K., Jesse D., and Ryan B. pulled off 3 programs. (Okay so the groups may have been a little unfair, but then again, shoutrouw was like, "well the team to beat is the one with the least members") Twas okay though. Thursday I wasn't feeling well, but some reason or another still went to school which was horrible with how I was feeling. Had to take a spanish and math quiz. Today (friday), I still wasn't feeling that well, so I decided to stay home so I wouldn't have to go through what I did yesterday. I got to sleep and I feel much better now then this morning. I only missed a few things at school (one being a physics test), but all is well. Back to a nap, because they are soo nice and relaxing. Oh ya, one last thing, Wednesday night I created a techno song for some reason, at midnight I just felt like putting one together and it came out pretty good. "Midnight Fire" is what it's called for lack of a more creative name.

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