Sunday, February 13, 2005


This weekend has been extremely frustrating. Friday started out fairly well. I played some pool with Jon B. and some others from portage northern at playtime billiards. After an hour or two, we headed on to Steak n Shake. I had a milk shake which was good but cold. Saturday morning was usual, just working at the library all day. Coming home I had to do the usaco contest (which is where things start going downhill). 2 hours into the contest, my internet goes down. So frantically I try to reset it, and found out that it messed up my router and turned it into a 2 cent hub. I no longer could get access to the router by typing it's ip address and my computer was getting assigned a very screwy ip address which made no sense. Frustrated I went unconnected the cable modem to reset the router so I could get the router back to normal, and guess what? the router went dead. In result I stayed up till 1am trying to figure something out and called charter tech support and they were like, we didn't do anything, it was your router's fault. (oh right, the router messes up, the exact moment i reset my router). Anyways, I setup my switch so I could least get internet since I couldn't have an internal network without the router. And I noticed I had a dynamic ip coming from or what ever, but I knew they did mess it up. That was the lovely weekend I had...

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