Thursday, February 03, 2005

Wendy's Outrage

This is an outrage! Wendy's has increased the price of their junior bacon cheeseburger from 99 cents to a $1.29!!!! This made me sad, no longer can I go to wendy's to eat. I guess I'll make do with Taco Bell or other places that are on my way to Kamsc. Filling out paper work is a hassle. The bpa website was due this wednesday, and I never really got a chance to make it better. On to more of my random comments, my eye was really bugging me yesterday, so I took a long nap after school, and didn't do my homework. That means today in Spanish, I didn't study for the quiz, and I probably failed it. Instead of studying, I downloaded and installed Premiere pro, great software, very great software, and will be making another Kamsc RCC video. This one should be even better than the last one. Should get to my homework now so....ya...

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