Sunday, April 27, 2008


After church this evening I stopped by Sweetwater's donuts to redeem my "One free donut or coffee" coupon from Bronco Bash back in the fall. I first picked out the Reeses donut (Chocolate cake topped with peanut butter creme and chocolate). The lady asked if any others looked good to me, of course all of the donuts looked good to me, but I wasn't sure if she was trying to get me to just buy a second donut or offering a second free donut. After a bit of enticing, I gave in and said the New York Cheesecake (Cream cheese filling with strawberry creme on top). Turns out she gave it to me free as well! And my oh my, a very good second choice. I think I almost like the New York Cheesecake better than the Reeses.

On that note, you should go patronize Sweetwater's Donuts on Stadium, because I sure will! Two free donuts, gets my stomach's vote.

Website - Sweetwater's Donut Mill

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