Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Five years since the snake

Now this is old school: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/120321
It's hard to believe that five years ago was when I first saw this flash video. While you are there, check out the Magical Trevors, oh so very clever lyrics :D

Monday I biked to work, and it was perfect weather biking in the morning with a sunny ride home. The only problem was my front rack came loose while biking home. I have still yet to fix it, or rather even take a closer look at it (not sure if it stripped the braze on).

Last Thursday/Friday I saw Batman the Dark Night at the Rave downtown Kalamazoo. It was my first time at the Rave, I liked the theater and the movie. I'm not sure if the theater what any better than Celebration Cinema (however my friends are all tall and they say the seats are better at the Rave). Afterwards I hung out on a roof and looked at the stars with my good friend Ryan. The weather was a bit cloudy but stars were still out and the temperature was cool. Stargazing was well worth the quick 5 hour power nap until work the next morning.

Many people say, oh it's a nice day out, it's a shame to be inside working or what-not. I would content to argue the same thing about the night. Many nights are amazing with a starry spectacle in the sky. My question: how can you stay sleeping with the starry sky spectacle?

Currently listening to The Meters. Time to funk it up!

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