Tuesday, July 08, 2008

In to the movies

Batoru Rowaiaru, or also known as Battle Royale, is a Japanese film exploring the fanatical concept of extreme punishment. A class of students is manipulated to a last man standing deathmatch "game" on a deserted island. The movie gives a perspective on friendship and enmity between fellow students. Self greed is a motif that leads to the death of nearly each individual.

A true friendship is developed between the characters Shuya Nanahara (boy #15) and Noriko Nakagawa (girl #15). The friendship is based on trust with Shuya and Noriko both willing to sacrifice themselves for the other. Shuya is willing to risk his life to distract Kazuo's fire and cover for Kawada and Noriko. Noriko risks her life nearing a "danger zone" in order to meet wounded Shuya.

Shuya and Noriko's relationship is continually contrasted with the relationships of the other classmates. I am not about to attempt to figure out the names and go into detail because if you haven't noticed already, the names are not names easily recalled. Keep a look out for the student combinations that are:
1) Outwardly and inwardly enemies
2) Outwardly friends and inwardly enemies
3) Inwardly wanting to know each other, but never interacted before (Hiroki trying to find secret love Shinji)

The contrast between the relationships makes my second point more apparent. Self greed leads to death of the student. Self greed found in revenge (both times the girls are in the hut), sex (the one dude trying to hook up with the running girl), comfort (2 girls seeking peace), and the list can go on.

Self greed leads to death/losing the game = bad. Altruism leads to life/winning the game = good. This is way more than I had originally planned on discussing this movie and there is great deal more that could use some expounding. Maybe you should just watch the movie instead, or just ask me if you are interested. The ultimate/underlying question of the movie Battle Royale: Is there more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?

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