Thursday, July 10, 2008


I have taken upon the task to tune up an old sunlite drumset for Camp Michawana. The set required 3 drum heads to be replaced and a total of 10 heads that need to be tuned. A couple weeks ago I bought the DrumDial tuner. The DrumDial tuner seems overly expensive to me, but I do admit, it has helped me tune heads better. I will do a post later on how I have used it to tune drums better. I wanted to say on this post that any kit can sound good with a decent set of drum heads and most importantly, tuned. Tuning drums is tedious, but spending the time to get all the drums tuned correctly is vital if you want to have a drum set sound like a drum set.

In the past, I just presumed my drum kit sounded bad because it was cheap and had some cheap heads. I picked up some new heads and it helped the sound, but it was not until I spent some real time in tuning before they sounded REALLY good. One can buy an expensive drum set, but the expensive part is primarily the looks and quality of hardware. Quality hardware does not equate to a quality sound, though it may allow you to get a quality sound easier.

I'll discuss how to get a quality sound more when I explain my insights on tuning.

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