Monday, September 17, 2012

TC to Lud

Sorry for the lack of thought going into this post.  It's more of a day by day/play by play post.  Take some of the names and pray for them.

Wednesday, ran to Northwestern Michigan College and checked out the course on campus.
Thursday, rain.  So I visited "the mix", Bay Pointe Community Church group.

Friday.  Pray for Rachel, who I met at the Traverse City library, she took a Bible to read.  Pray for Walter.  I met him at the Osprey course in Benzonia Michigan and ended up giving him a ride down to Ludington and treated him to Subway (and requested an unbelievable amount of onions on his sub).

Ludington State Campground for the weekend. 

Saturday, Mason Country Park in Ludington Michigan.  There are three 24 hole courses: Beauty, Beast, and Goliath.  Highlight disc golf wise was throwing a 4 on a 707ft flat hole (well the first 100ft is downhill, but the remaining 600ft is uphill).
On Beauty I met Kevin and Tom from GR who both go to the same church and were up here camping.
Between Beauty and the Beast I briefly talked with Tyler in the parking lot and he loved talking about his discraft discs.
On the last hole of Beast, talked with Caleb and Chris.  Caleb asked me if I programmed much for the 68K (because I was wearing my CodeWarrior shirt...CodeWarrior was a popular IDE for CISC CPU architectures).  Anyways, I wish I had of had more time to chat with them.

My front derailleur is broken, so instead of a bike ride along the lake shore, I opted to do a three mile hike to the lighthouse and hiked back in the pitch black.  I was not planning on using a flashlight on the way back, but it was way too dark in the middle of the woods.

Sunday, small world, met Sean, was working for the His House in Ann Arbor but moved to Ludington. 
Played Leviathan in Ludington Michigan.  My arm is tired (after playing 96 holes this weekend).

Monday.  Rain.

Here's to hanging in hammocks.

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