Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Welcome to the TC

Sunday Sunday Sunday monster truck rally...I mean Bay Pointe Community Church. 

Excellent service and a challenge to live out our faith.  John 6:60-71.  As a drummer, the drums sounded great not caged (as most churches enclose in drum shields), especially with the great bassist.

More importantly however are the people.  Enter Chris and Jennifer, who sat next to me in the morning service.  In a few words, Chris and Jennifer are a blessing and an encouragement.  The Flap Jack Shack was delicious and talking with Chris and Jennifer over lunch was great.  Being able to articulate and openly talk through the ministry continues to motivate and remind of why I chose to drive around the good ol' US of A sharing the gospel on the disc golf courses.  Chris and Jennifer, thank you. 

Sunday afternoon, Miles Kimmerly in Maple City Michigan.  Great course and played with Glen, Ryan, and Jason. 

BEAR! Oh good, the bear is sleeping in the dunes :)

Monday, Hickory Hills in Traverse City Michigan.  Almost lost my disc, but found it in the dusk.
Tuesday, Carly's Playground (on Mount Holiday) in Traverse City Michigan.  Extra 650ft bomber hole and a hole in 2 on a hole 17 (495ft hole length, 500ft drive).

To give you perspective on 650ft, here's the bomber:

Traverse City is coming to an end quickly...

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